Apache Traffic Serverâ„¢ software is a fast, scalable and extensible HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2.0 compliant caching proxy server. Formerly a commercial product, Yahoo! donated it to the Apache Foundation, and currently used by several major CDNs and content owners.

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                                    Improve your response time, while reducing server load and bandwidth needs by caching and reusing frequently-requested web pages, images, and web service calls.

                                  • Proxying

                                    Easily add keep-alive, filter or anonymize content requests, or add load balancing by adding a proxy layer.

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                                  • Extensible

                                    APIs to write your own plug-ins to do anything from modifying HTTP headers to handling ESI requests to writing your own cache algorithm.

                                  • Proven

                                    Handling over 400TB a day at lan 灯 破解版百度云 both as forward and reverse proxies, Apache Traffic Server is battle hardened. Also visit our Customers page for some of our corporate users and supporters.

                                  • Having trouble with builds, configurations or are you getting errors you don't understand? Subscribe to our Users Mailing List or join our #traffic-server channel on The ASF Slack workspace to get help! Use your @apache.org email address to automatically join. If you need a workspace invitation, contact us on our devevelop mailing list, or ask any ASF committer.

                                  • Can't get your plugin to work? Have questions about the ATS code? Or maybe you have suggestions for improvements or new features? Get help from developers or start a discussion on our dev discussion list.

                                  • Report or confirm bugs or try out the latest patches from our Bug Tracker

                                  • Learn how to ask good questions, create useful bug reports and how to apply patches.

                                  • lan灯破解百度云 and help out on the users Mailing List or simply share your usecase or experience. For sometimes speedier responses check out our Slack channel #traffic-server on landeng破解版安卓版 workspace.

                                  • Impress developers or help others by participating on our dev discussion list or follow the latest development on our commits list.

                                  • Report issues or bring patches to our Bug Tracker

                                  • Visit our wiki to see a list of lan灯破解百度云 we are currently working on.

                                  • Learn how to create patches to the code or the documentation and how to debug Apache Traffic Server.

                                  • We've tagged github issues that have a low entrance barrier.

                                  • Administrator's Guide

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                                  • lanter 专业版安卓破解版

                                    Developing Apache Traffic Server plug-ins and how the code works

                                  • Frequently Asked Questions

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                                  • Wiki and Our blog

                                    Collaboration and interesting topics around the project

                                  • Apr 16, 2024:We are releasing both v8.0.8 and v7.1.11 which include bug fixes. We recommend everyone to upgrade to one of these versions of ATS.
                                  • Apr 16, 2024:We are releasing both v8.0.7 and v7.1.10 which include bug fixes. We recommend everyone to upgrade to one of these versions of ATS.
                                  • Feb 29, 2024:We are releasing both v8.0.6 and v7.1.9 which include bug fixes. We recommend everyone to upgrade to one of these versions of ATS.
                                  • Aug 20, 2024:We are releasing both v8.0.5 and v7.1.8 which fixes a HTTP/2 vulnerability. We strongly recommend everyone to upgrade to one of these versions or disable HTTP/2 support.
                                  • Aug 13, 2024:Today we announce the release of both v8.0.4 and v7.1.7. These are configuration and bug fix releases, and in particular, addresses a series of HTTP/2 vulnerabilities. We strongly recommend everyone to upgrade to one of these versions, or otherwise disable HTTP/2.
                                  • March 21, 2024:Release of 8.0.3. This is third patch release to 8.0.0. It includes bug fixes and minor updates.
                                  • January 29, 2024:Release of 8.0.2. This is second patch release to 8.0.0. It includes bug fixes.
                                  • January 29, 2024:Release of 7.1.6. This is sixth patch release to 7.1.0. This release includes bug fixes.
                                  • November 29, 2018:Release of 8.0.1. This is first patch release to 8.0.0. It includes memeory leak fixes and other bug fixes.
                                  • lanter 专业版安卓破解版 Our latest v7.1.5 release is available for download right now! This release has a number of bug fixes, and perhaps more important, several memory leak fixes. It also fixes a rare, but obnoxious crasher in HTTP/2.
                                  • 蓝什么灯vip破解版 We are happy to announce our next major release, v8.0.0!. This includes support for TLS 1.3 and many other enhancements.
                                  • August 4, 2018: The last 6.2.x LTS release, v6.2.3, is now available from the Downloads section. This is the last LTS release for 6.2.x
                                  • August 1, 2018: The latest stable LTS release of ATS, v7.1.4, is fresh off the presses and available for download! Users of 7.1.x are highly encouraged to upgrade to this version, as it fixes several issues.
                                  • April 16, 2018: We are very pleased to announce another update to the 7.1.x LTS release! ATS v7.1.3 is available for download from the normal mirrors!
                                  • January 16, 2018: The second patch release for the v7.1 LTS train is now available. There are no new features in this release, but there are close to 100 fixes! Download ATS v7.1.2 from the normal download mirrors now!
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                                  • Supported Operating Systems
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                                  • Committers
                                  • Users Archives
                                  • Dev Archives
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